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Couples, depending on various factors and circumstances, usually plan the prenancy. But, sometimes women get pregnant even if protection methods have been used. There are various signs by which one gets to feel that one is pregnant. Some women just get to know that there are changes happening in their body and the reason for the same. It might take sometime for others to be aware of their pregnancy, but it should be confirmed using a prenancy test.

One of the most visible symptoms to ascertain prenancy is delayed periods. However, this can also be a result of some other hormonal changes or reasons. If this is accompanied with various other changes like vomiting, stress, headaches then chances are that the pregnancy is confirmed.

Morning sickness is one of the most troublesome symptoms in pregnancy. The woman might feel nauseous or sick after conception. This can happen anytime during the day and can fluctuate between sensations to vomiting or persist all throughout the day. This is due to bodily changes happening inside the body to accommodate a foetus.

Another visible symptom in pregnancy is the changes taking place in the breast. Conception readies the organ for breast-feeding activity. The breasts might feel tender, larger and fuller. Some women also feel a tingling and pricking sensation in their breasts after few weeks of conception. The nipples also become overtly sensitive, erect and darker. The increase of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone brings about these bodily changes. The breasts veins seem clearly visible in some women.

Prenancy might also make you lethargic and stressed out easily. Women also urinate more often if they are pregnant. The prenancy exerts pressure on your bladder reducing its capacity. Pregnancy can also induce mood swings as far as food is concerned. Certain foods might make you feel sick whereas some foods might be preferred more. Bouts of food cravings at odd hours are also one of the signs associated with pregnancy. The hCg hormone can really throw some tantrums. Many women experience regular constipation within two to three weeks of conception. Mood swings and irritable nature are common signs of prenancy.

Some women also faint or experience dizziness due to the bodily changes happening. Blood pressure levels might drop and one might feel weakened easily during the prenancy.

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